What Do Coronary Plaques With Calcium Really Mean?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Below are some important quotes from prestigious medical journals about heart artery plaques with calcium. Please other articles in the category of coronary plaques and coronary calcium.

What Do Arterial Plaques Really Mean?

In cardiology literature, those who profit from the plaque preoccupation seldom, if ever, duly recognize and consider evidence against their model of the plaque-death relationships. Below are some quotes from recent cardiology journals that reveal the dimension of the problem that are seldom, if ever, duly considered in the matters of plaque-death relationships:

1. Atherosclerotic plaques that lead to acute coronary syndromes often occur at sites of angiographically mild coronary-artery stenosis. Lesion-related risk factors for such events are poorly understood (N Engl J Med 2011; 364:226-235).

2. Currently, there are no available methods that can reliably predict when or if an atheroma will rupture. ( Journal of Invasive Cardiology 2010;22: 406-411, September 2010).

3. The study by Stone et al. provides conclusive evidence that current morphologic assessments of vulnerable coronary plaque do not predict major adverse cardiovascular events

4. [studies] have confirmed that positive remodeling was a predictor of future acute coronary events, independent of plaque characteristics.

5. In response to the comments of Maseri and colleagues (writers of a letter to the Editor) we agree that the lesion-specific characteristics that we identified were sensitive but not specific for future major adverse cardiovascular events.

X The 13 infarctions (areas of tissue death) that were related to culprit lesions were caused by stent thrombosis.

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