Inflammation One Place in the Body Is Inflammation Everywhere in the Body

Majid Ali, M.D.

At a bioenergetics level, inflammation in any part of the body is inflammation in all parts of the body, albeit to varying degrees. To illustrate my main point, I will consider the case of extra-intestinal types of inflammation associated with Crohn’s colitis and ulcerative colitis, two common forms of chronic inflammation.

Crohn’s colitis and ulcerative colitis are chronic inflammatory conditions of the colon which often involve other regions of the intestinal tract. Both are commonly associated with gall stones, uveitis, dermatitis, and inflammation of bile ducts in the liver.

Gall stones are nearly always associated with inflammation in the wall of the gall bladder, albeit to varying degrees. So it should not be surprising that ulcerative colitis is commonly associated with gall bladder, in 45% of cases in some reports. A type of chronic inflammation of bile ducts called sclerosing cholangitis occurs in about 10% of the colitis cases.

Uveitis, a type of eye inflammation occurs in about 25%.

Three Message

First, all inflammation at its root is an oxygen problem.

Second, the more the areas of inflammation in the body you can detect and address, the better the clinical results.

Third, please learn to use spices, oil rubs, and related natural anti-inflammatory remedies to curb pathologic inflammation in all body organs of the body.

For more information, please consider Dr. Ali’s Course on Inflammation.

my recipes at this site.

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