A Fit Brain For Life – Part One: It Is Not Worrying About Brain Health

Majid Ali, M.D.

How can I have a fit brain for life? I must admit I never asked this question until now. I suppose it is so because this question does not seem important for me. Is this ignorance? Is it arrogance? Plain stupidity? Or some psychiatric manifestation of a floundering mind ?

Hardly a working day goes by that one of my patient does not express concern about mood, memory, or mentation. So it is not that I do not think about such the matters. Nor that I think I am invincible. I know a stray bullet, some sleepy bus driver, or a virulent microbe cannot damage my brain irreversibly—at least in the prevailing medical sense. I am a pathologist and performed far too many autopsies not to understand these problems. I have cared for far too many patients with stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s diseases, and brain tumors not to know the brands of human suffering unique to

So, how can I have a fit brain for life? Now that the question has come up, I will ask this question now for myself in order to tell you how I try to do so for my patients.

First, I recognize that I might not be able to finish this article and post it. I have cared for far too many individuals with sudden paralysis caused by bullets, bugs, blood clots in the brain not to know this. If you do read this article, that means I did well not worrying about bullets, bugs, and bus drivers. this.

Second, I do not worry about memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease for myself, nor about brain cancer. Why? Because I have never seen anything good come out of worrying sick about such things.

Third, I try to do all things which I ask my patients to do when they bring the subjects of mood, memory, or mentation. I recognized some decades ago that if there is a secret to a fit brain for life, it is creativity.

What Is Creativity?

When most people hear the word creativity, they think of painters, sculptors, music composers, writers, and inventors. This is not surprising since psychologists, philosophers, politicians, sociologists, economists, even politicians have long been busy pontificating what creativity is and what it is. I have no reason to quarrel with any of the. But I am a student of evolution. I walk in the footsteps of Charles Robert Darwin. So I look at the phenomena of creativity in a different light and address it in Part two of this series on brain health and the mind entitled “The Secret of a Fit Brain For Life – Part Two: Evolutionary View of Creativity.”

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