Is Your Anxiety in Reality Sympathetic-Parasympathetic Imbalance?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Anxiety Is One of Dysautonomia’s Many Faces.

Anxiety is a state of suffering that is hard to describe in words that seems appropriate. No two people suffer from anxiety in the same way.

Dysautonomia is dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. Its main functions are divided into two subsystems of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Imbalance between these two sub systems (dysautonomia) are caused by toxicities of food, environment, and thought. No two people suffer from anxiety in the same way.

Anxiety is a state a matter of biology, not of psychology.

If you study well the biologic basis of anxiety, you will find that all its symptom-complexes are rooted in disturbances of oxygen homeostasis. The same holds for dysautonomia. All clinical features of dysautonomia, in the final analysis, are rooted in oxygen dysfunction. I coined the term dysoxic to underscore the clinical importance of this fact of science.

I present lists of symptoms of both anxiety and dysautonomia on companion articles on this web site

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