What Is Celiac Disease?

Majid Ali, M.D.

I began Part One of my three part series entitled “Oxygen, Gluten, and Healing” (see below) about gluten sensitivity and celiac disease with the following summary of my experience with gluten-related clinical problems:

1. The frequency of problems caused by wheat, rye, oats, and barley is increasing among people with chronic health issues.
2. Nearly all my patients with gluten-related symptoms ate bread and other gluten foods freely and without symptoms before they developed gluten sensitivity.
3. Gluten intolerance developed when the bowel became inflamed and “leaky,” leading to entry into the blood of undigested gluten proteins.
4. Gluten-free diet only partially improved health.
5. Gluten-sensitive individuals regained their health only after bowel-liver detox was achieved and other oxygen-related issues—mold allergy, mold toxins, thyroid-adrenal weakness, hormonal imbalance, anger, and deep disappointments that caused the leaky gut state—were addressed.
6. The recovery in some cases with severe stress, mold toxicity, and instability of the autonomic nervous system, and continuing stress was sometimes delayed or incomplete or both.
7. Complete elimination of gluten grains was usually helpful in the short-term but was necessary in the long run only for a small number patients.

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