Three Important Questions about Gluten Sensitivity

Majid Ali, M.D.

I prescribe avoidance of gluten for all patients with chronic inflammatory-immune disorders (along with sugar and dairy elimination) as a part of “Dr. Ali’s Gut Fermentation”  for four to six weeks. For many patients this trial is both diagnostic and prescriptive since gut fermentation and leaky gut state are almost always present in such disorders.

Gluten sensitivity is the darling of gluten enthusiasts these days. Every possible diseases is being attributed to it, just as Epstein-Barr virus used to be forty years, “candida” was blamed thirty years ago, and chronic Lyme disease was twenty years ago (and still is).  The case of gluten sensitivity is an interesting in a unique way: the proliferation and spread of the human species over the planet was primarily fuled by wheat and related gluten grains. This raises the following three questions:

Why didn’t gluten make masses of people sick in past millennia?

2. Why is gluten making masses of people sick now?

3. Can Most chronically ill “gluten-sensitive” patients tolerate pasta or pizza once a week or so when the underlying problems of gut fermentation, leaky gut state, and impaired ATP energy generation can be effectively addressed.

I ask readers to think about the questions and then find answers in other articles in my Gluten Course at this website.

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