Oxygen – Why An Orphan?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Nature chose oxygen to drive all aspects of human evolution. To facilitate this evolution, it also made the element essential for animals and plants. How profoundly ironic is this that we humans are doing every possible dumb thing to thwart nature’s “oxygen card” and make life on our planet unwell and sick.?

In human spheres, oxygen has no guardian angel. No one makes money from discussing it in the media. Politicians are blissfully ignorant about oxygen—no surprise, their ignorance is painful only for others. Drug makers have not yet discovered how to earn billions by deceiving the public with an “oxygen pill.” There are some who push liquid oxygen, however, their deceptions are puny. As for doctors, their silence in this area is deafening—a sad state of affairs since diseases are fundamentally caused by clogged oxygen-driven energetics and by deranged oxygen signaling. What is surprising here is the absence of scientists in oxygen issues of our time. Oxygen continues to be an elemental orphan.

Why did the larger threat of oxygen deficit escape the notice of biologists, physicians, and the public? There are many reasons. Carbon pollutants were more visible—black smoke from industrial chimneys is hard to miss, soot in diesel exhaust is not easy to escape—and their adverse effects on planetary life were very visible. So, concerns about carbon excess were raised early by scientists and recognized by many in the general public soon after. The story of oxygen deficit has been quite different. First, absence of invisible substances is not likely to be noticed as readily as the presence of dirty and smelly carbon substances. Second, carbon pollutants were easily traced to industries. By contrast, the corporations that contributed to oxygen deficit were hard to pin down. Third, the professionals who should have been the first to recognize the direct and dire consequences of oxygen deficit were least prepared to do so—the doctors. The chemistry of the Krebs cycle—the primary cycle of energy generation in cells—appears in the first year curriculum of medical students, and then disappears forever. Except for a handful of integrative physicians, doctors never investigate and address issues of impaired or blocked cellular energetics. Fourth, even when unequivocal evidence for chronic and unrelenting illness caused by oxygen deficiency is forthcoming, it does not fit into the prevailing model of treating and “preventing” diseases with synthetic chemicals. There are simply no drugs to treat clinical problems created by oxygen deficit.

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