Majid Ali, M.D.

Heath and lifespan are profoundly influenced by man-microbe harmony in the bowel. Overgrowth of fermenting bowel microbes (the “fermenters”)—in my view—is the single most important cause of chronic absence of health. For decades, I wondered whether the bioenergetics and chemistry of chronic anger was a more important cause of disease than the overgrowth of bowel fermenters. Now I am convinced that inflammation and toxicity of fermenters is more important. The problems of gluten-sensitivity and celiac disease can be neither understood  nor healed without understanding the leaky gut state caused by overgrown bowel fermenters. Later, I return to this crucial issue to shed light on the man-microbe disharmony  that is wreaking havoc on the bowel ecosystem.
The Core Leaky-bowel-blocked-oxygen Connection
In health, starches and sugars are broken down to glucose, fats to fatty acids, and proteins to amino acids. These basic building units of foods—glucose, fatty acids, and amino acids—are expediently absorbed from the alimentary tract into the blood for use as fuels or as building blocks for producing sugars, fats, and proteins in the various cell populations of the body. Normally the bowel essentially excludes these foods in undigested form forms from the blood—is not permeable to them, in the scientific jargon—and the blood and other bodily fluids are not thickened, or even clotted by them. This changes when the inner lining (mucosa) of the bowel is inflamed and congested, and become leaky. These derangements are caused by toxins produced by bowel fermenters—most significantly, in my view—ingested chemicals, incomplete digestion, or stagnation of the bowel contents.  Mold toxins poison the oxygen-driven energetic, detox, detergent, and healing functions the most by several direct and indirect mechanisms. All other elements mentioned above add to disruptions in oxygen homeostasis. This is the core leaky-bowel-blocked-oxygen connection. It is the scientific basis of the Oxygen Model of Gluten Sensitivity (also designated as the Dysox  Oxygen Model of Gluten Sensitivity)
The  Leaky-bowel-clotted-blood Connection
 Undigested (incompletely broken down) gluten proteins wreak havoc on the bodily fluids, most importantly on the circulating blood and lymphatic fluids. The partially broken down segments of gluten proteins called gluten polypeptides increase acidity and free radical activity in these fluids. This is how they cut down thesupply of oxygen and other nutrients, and seriously impair the detox and drainage functions of the body. This is how immune, inflammatory, and detox disorders are caused. With a clear understanding of these aspects of gluten proteins, one can understand neither gluten sensitivity nor a large number of celiac disease-associated conditions listed in Part Three of this series entitled  “Beyond Celiac Disease — Healing With Oxygen Therapies.”

The microscopic appearances of healthy circulating blood (Figure 1), mild forms of thickened blood (Figure 2), and an advanced stage of thickened blood with the formation of microclots and microplaques (Figure 3) are illustrated. It is important to point out that in clinical practice it is not possible to separate blood and lymph “microclotting” caused by gluten proteins from that caused by other toxins in these fluids. This is the main reason for my recommendation that people first consider all elements of Dr. Ali’s Leaky Gut Trial described below. Once clinical improvement is achieved with all elements combined, then one can eliminate some aspects to narrow down the negative effects of gluten proteins.

Figure 1
igure 2
Figure 3

Dr. Ali’s Leaky Bowel (DALB) Trial

The DALB protocol for reversing gluten sensitivity is a six-week trial of: (1) gluten-free diet; (2) complete elimination of sugar (stevia as a sweetener is acceptable); (3) complete elimination of dairy (goat yogurt and kefir as Probiotics are acceptable); (4) Nystatin in small doses of one tablet twice daily; and (5) castor oil rubs.

The overgrowth of bowel fermenters can be readily detected with a blood test for antibodies and with a urine test that measures increased output of oxygen-blocking toxic acids produced by them. To control fermenters, I prescribe Nystatin in low doses (one tablet twice daily on weekly rotation or so) for over 7,000 (conservative estimate) patients. I only found a single case of allergic skin rash caused by Nystatin. In many cases, I encountered Nystatin die-off (rapid killing of fermenting microbes) responses, which were controlled by reducing or temporarily discontinuing the dose. Nystatin is not absorbed from the bowel and serves as a powerful anti-fermenter agent. Fortunately, more and more doctors are open to prescribing it when patients so request. The less effective alternatives to Nystatin are echinacea, astragalus, budock root, goldenseal, pau d’arco, and oregano. 

Integration of DALB Protocol in a Healing Program
In Part Three of this series entitled “Beyond Celiac Disease — Healing With Oxygen Therapies,” I outline important scientific and clinical information to present a holistic and broader approach for addressing the elements that cause the leaky gut state and set the stage for gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.  Holistic programs may appear tedious to some readers. I point out that there is no single miracle remedy to restore health.  My program has the following seven components: (1) self-compassion; (2) normalization of the population of fermenters in the bowel; (3) liver detox; (4) Dr. Al’s Foursome (breakfast, Feather Breathing, castor oil rubs, and hydrogen peroxide soaks); (5) support for the thyroid-adrenal-pancreas trio; (6) hormonal balancing; and (7)

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