Do Estrogens Cause Breast Cancer? Yes, But Only of Synthetic Type.

Majid Ali, M.D.

Natural Estrogen, Synthetic Estrogens, and Breast Cancer

Synthetic estrogen are cancer-causing, especially of the breast. Natural estrogens as used in natural healing traditions in the world are not cancer-causing. I support these statements with the following facts:

* Women in Japan, China, and other Asian countries consume larger quantities of legumes rich in natural estrogenic compounds (adamame, garbenzo, and others) and have higher estrogenic levels that European women. They have higher levels of these hormones in the body than European women.

* The incidence of breast cancer in Japan, China, and other Asian countries was extremely low compared with European women before World War II and started rising when synthetic hormones were introduced in these countries for birth control and other reasons, essentially under the influence of American pharmaceutical companies.

* Pro-inflammatory and cancer-causing effects of synthetic estrogens become more pronounced when they are processed in polluted livers with disturbed detox pathways.

For information on the specifics of hormonal biochemistry and their carcinogenicity, please consider my book entitled “Breast and Prostate Cancers – Ecomonsters and Oncomonsters,” which is available at I also offer a three-DVD set on hormonesal, which is also available at this site.

For my YouTube videos on the subject, please go to Science, Health, and Healing Encyclopedia. For my video seminars on breast cancer and hormonal health, please go to

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