The Best Therapy for Adrenal Restoration

Majid Ali, M.D.

The adrenal glands are two small body organs, bright-orange- to- gray in color, capping the kidneys, one on each side. These glands make over fifty different substances called adrenal steroids, which are essential for the health of all other body organs.

Our Adrenals Suffer When We Are Separated From Ourselves

The best definition of disease I know is that it is a state of separation from one’s nature. This is most easily observed in the case of the adrenal gland. So I consider bridging that distance with spiritual equilibrium gained through meditation and prayer. However, this is a tall order. It isn’t easy for anyone to transform into a saint just because the adrenals are weakened or exhausted. So in real life people under chronic stress need adrenal support with some convenient ready-to-made remedies.

Below is a list of substances which I have used in the past. Initially, it is necessary to try any items given below under professional supervision:

1. Adrenal extract


3. Low-dose hydrocortisone easier

Plant Remedies

1. Roots of licorice (500 to 1,000 mg)

2. Rehmannia (500 to 750 mg)

3. Ashwargandha (100 to 200 mg)

4. Chinese yam (500 to 750 mg)

Vitamins and Other Nutrients

1. Pantothenic acid (50 to 150 mg)

2. Pyridoxin (25 to 50 mg)

3. Riboflavin (10 to 20 mg)

4. Acorbic acid (1,000 to 2,000 mg). T

5. Minerals (especially magnesium, calcium, and zinc)

6. Glutathione,

7. MSM

8. Taurine

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