Majid Ali, M.D. 

The Lungs Offer An Escape From the Tyranny of An Irritated Heart

Can a restless heart save 40,320 beats per day? Hard to believe the answer is yes. Consider the following example: A 40-year-old man presented with a two-year history of overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), heart palpitations, “shakes,” pain and stiffness involving several joints, and chronic fatigue. His heart rate was 102/minute despite treatment with an anti-thyroid drug (methamazole). An ABT test (see the article on the test at this web site for details) was performed on his first visit. 

Seven minutes of Feather Breathing (the simplest form of Limbic Breathing) performed as a part of the ABT test brought his heart rate from 102/minute down to 74/minute. At the lower rate, his heart would save 40,320 beats per day. He understood clearly the benefit of Feather Breathing.

Wouldn’t his heart rate return to the high rate of over 100 per minute when he stops Feather Breathing? A cardiologist friend asked. You can’t expect anyone to do Feather Breathing at all times? he continued. These questions have merit. One does not expect a heart to slow down so dramatically on a permanent basis merely with ten minutes of Feather Breathing. However, it can avert a crisis in the short-term and, slowly and steadily, address the problems of an overdriven heart. I also point out that in integrative medicine we strive to detect and address all relevant issues. I consider stress control with Feather Breathing an essential part of the total program.

Feather Breathing 
Feather Breathing is the simplest method of Limbic Breathing in which one:

– Sets no goals;
– Completely ignores how one breathes in;
– Breathes out slowly and comfortably; and 
– Never analyzes whether the breathing is done correctly.

The lungs offer an escape from the tyranny of an irritated heart. This is the main lesson this patient taught me. Of course, all irritants that overdrive the heart must be identified and addressed for good long-term clinical results. 

For readers interested in detailed information about Feather Breathing and other forms of Limbic Breathing, as well as various clinical applications of these healing methods, I suggest my one-hour video seminar entitled “Limbic Breathing.”

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