The Low Testosterone Epidemic

Majid Ali, M.D.

The low testosterone state is a spreading scourge of our time. Changing testosterone profiles in the general population say much about the shape of things to come. When I see men with blood testosterone levels above 750 ng/dL, they are nearly always sixty years of age or older, except for men who have received anti-androgen therapies for prostate cancer. When I see men with blood testosterone levels below 125 ng/dL, they are nearly always under forty years of age or younger. Recently, I saw a couple. The wife complained of dry skin and acne of recent onset. The husband suffered fatigue, loss of libido, and felt some muscle loss. The tests showed the wife’s blood testosterone level to be higher than that of the husband.

Examples of High Testosterone values

* A 68-year-old man who worked at Ground Zero became very ill. Fortunately for him, he received robust integrative nutritional therapies (including intravenous infusions)and bowel and liver detox measures. His blood testosterone level was 883 ng/dL in 2009.

* A 77-yr-man with allergy and a testosterone value of 728.

* A 78-yr-man with recurrent viral infections, arthritis, and incremental stress had the following testosterone values:

2002:       705 ng/dL

2005:       592 ng/dL

2010:       552 ng/dL

* A 68-yr-man with GERD, hypertension, and three pacemaker ablations for cardiac arrythmias with a testosterone value of 689:

* A 62-yr-man with allergy and chronic fatigue and a testosterone value of 674.

Examples of Low Testosterone Values

A father-son pair

* 12-old-son : testosterone                  437 ng/dL

* 43-old-father with diabetes Testosterone 322 ng/dL

A husband-wife pair

* 51-old-husband : testosterone           128 ng/dL

* 48-old-wife Testosterone                   245  ng/dL

Rapidly Falling Testosterone Levels

A27-year-old man was hospitalized for fatigue, muscle pain, and heart rhythm irregularity. Atrial fibrillation was dignosed and he was treated with intravenous cortisone, coumadin, digoxin, and a pacemaker ablation was considered after three days. Fortunately he converted on his own. Later he was treated with antiviral and antibiotic treatment for one year. His fatigue and muscle pain symptoms worsened and he was disabled with problems of mood, memory, and mentation. Laboratory tests revealed high levels of antibodies to mold and mold toxins. His adrenal gland test showed sever stress. The testosterone values are given below:

Dec. 2007         687 ng/dL

Mar. 2008         535  ng/dL

April 2009         482  ng/dL

April 2010         436  ng/dL

A 74-year-old New Yorker with hypertension and chronic sinusitis went through high emotional stress from a bad relationship (betrayal) between Sept 2009 to Feb 2010. His blood pressure values rose from 130-135 systolic range to 150/90. He suffered loos of libido and developed muscle flabbiness. His waste line increased. He wondered whether he needed to leave the city to get better. His testosteron levels are given below.

1.2.2009        319  ng/dL

11.19.09        351  ng/dL

7.28.2010       192  ng/dL

2.11.2011       322  ng/dL

A 36-year-old man with extreme stress and exhaustion had a tesosterone value of 149 ng/dL.

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