Are You Running Low On Testosterone?

Majid Ali, M.D.

If you have recently gained weight, noticed a belly bulge, and felt a flabbiness of muscles, you are probably running low on testosterone. If you have also noticed a drop in libido, that is even more likely. What should you do? Get a blood testosterone level test done to validate your suspicion. If the test results show a level below 450, you are running low. (Blood testosterone levels are reported in nanogram/100 milliliters). A level of 600 would be good and one of over 750 ng/dL would be excellent.

What should you do next? Learn more about testosterone. Know your options. For the short-term, consider testosterone replacement. For the long-term, begin a program of restoring your depleted adrenals so they can produced the needed hormone.

Short-term Testosterone Replacement

Following are the options:

* Capsules

* Patches

* Injections

* Pellets

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