For Viral Infections, Say NO to Statin Drugs and YES to Nystatin


Majid Ali, M.D.

Consider the following quote from The New York Times of November 9, 2014:

“The researchers speculated that children might benefit from certain treatments — perhaps including statin drugs, which act on those cells lining blood vessels — but those possible remedies had not been studied in humans with Ebola and there was a chance that they could worsen outcomes.”

Three questions:

    1. Who are “The researchers” of whom the Times speaks about.

    2. Have statins been used to treat serious viruses?

    3. Has Nystatin been used to treat serious viruses?

According to W.H.O. statistics, as of November 2014, children under 15 as a whole in the current outbreak do not have an overall survival advantage.

For Ebola, Say NO to Statin Drugs, YES to Nystatin

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