Three Neglected Cholesterol Questions

The Sordid Cholesterol-Statin Story

Majid Ali, M.D.

1. Is there one molecular formula of cholesterol or two or three or more?

2. Is there one three-dimensional molecular architecture of cholesterol or two or three or more?

3. If all books of chemistry, biology, and medicine agree that cholesterol has only one molecular formula and one three-dimensional molecular architecture, then what is the basis of dividing cholesterol into “good” and “bad” cholesterol?

The last questions seem simple but even a superficial reflection raises questions of profound significance that unravel the entire structure of “cholesterol deception.”

If a laboratory reported a “good-glucose-bad-glucose ratio,” every doctor would condemn the laboratory director as an ignorant fool. How can you call the same glucose molecule “good glucose” at one time and “bad-glucose” at another? Everyone would scream. And yet, every day the so-called cholesterol experts speak and write about “good HDL cholesterol” and “bad LDL cholesterol” and their nonsense goes unchallenged except by a few who know molecular biology of cholesterol. Why is that so? Simply stated, Pfizer earned more than 130 billion dollars by selling its statin drug Lipitor, and less than one percent of that amount can buy a U.S. President and a smaller amount can buy all of the Congress. The voices of science and reason simply have not been able to survive massive assaults funded by pharmaceutical industry.


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