Circulating Blood Clots and Unclots At All Times

Majid Ali, M.D.

Micro-clots form and un-form in the circulating blood at all times.

Micro-plaques form and un-form in the blood at all times.

The above are the simple truths that can be tested b anyone with a high-resolution microscope fitted with phase-contrast microscope. In Integrative Cardiology and Chelation Therapies (2004), the sixth volume of my The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine, I presented a large number of photographs of micro-clots and micro-plaques floating in the blood taken with a finger stick. This simple observation challenges the prevailing view that cholesterol causes heart attacks.

This is as simple to understand as clogging of kitchen plumbing when the water draining through it has too much kitchen waste. There are, however, two critical differences between arteries and kitchen plumbing:

1. the inner surface of the kitchen plumbing has no self-cleansing and healing abilities;

2. the inner endo lining of arteries, by contrast, were assigned crucial healing roles.


1. The endo cells self-heal, repairing damage to their innards;

2. Participate in the removal of micro-clot and micro-plaques from the circulating blood; and

3. Facilitate healing of the connective and muscle cells in the vessel wall that they may fail to protect during acute stress. Heart attacks and strokes develop when endo cells have failed in these functions.

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