Prof. Karl West Reviews Dr. Ali’s Work

Review of Dr. Ali’s Work By Professor Karl West

Majid Ali, M.D.

Many scientists, academicians, and physicians have published commentaries on my works. I am most grateful to them for their kind words. Below are comments by Prof. Karl West on the website of Science for the Healing (links and heading included at the end).

The work of Dr. Ali is some of the most impressive I can find with regard to Cellular Ecology in this day and age. His ORPEC hypothesis is strikingly similar to that of my fathers theory of Interstitial Lymphatic Occlusion and as I develop the Theory of Ecological Origins it will certainly be “hand in glove”. Opening his 3rd Volume of The Principles & Practices of Integrative Medicine entitled Dysoxygenosis and Oxystatic Therapies. Already I can see that it is practically a “Bible” of Cellular Ecology. There are numerous concepts that I have long known to be true being delineated therein.

Here is one I am so impressed to see: The Leaky Cell Membrane State ”In 1987, in Leaky Cell Membrane Dysfunction, I presented the biochemical and clinical consequences of an increased cell membrane permeability state caused by relentless oxidative stress. The cell membrane gets shot full of holes, so to speak, and the cell hemorrhages out and what is on the outside of the cell floods the cell’s innards. For Example, intracellular levels of calcium in health are far below those of the extracellular compartments and a leaky cell membrane permits pathologic calcium influx.

Excess of intracellular calcium then triggers a host of pathogenic molecular pathways, including induction of cell death by apoptosis. Concurrently, excess magnesium leaves the cell and functional magnesium deficiency impairs the function of many enzyme systems for which the mineral serves as a cofactor. From those considerations, I drew comparison between the ever-increasing indication of calcium channel blockers in pharmacological medicine and ever-sharpening focus of nutritionist, physicians on magnesium supplementation. Of course, the consequences of a leaky cell membrane state are not merely confined to the changes in intracellular calcium and magnesium levels.”

Harry Hershey wrote a book called The Free Radical Story in 1986, in which the likelihood of stress involved with active transport or cellular respiration was obvious to me when I finally read it (much later but long ago).

My Response:

Thank you Prof. West for your kind comments about my work. If you send me your e-mail, I would be honored to send you a complementary copy of my book “Reversing Diabetes,” in which I describe my Oxygen Model of Diabetes and explain my “Crank and Crankshaft Model of Insulin Receptor Dysfunction.” My e-mail is
With kindest regards, Majid Ali, M.D.

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