Dr. Ali’s Textbook Volume 1 – A Review by a Doctor

Dr. Ali’s Work Reviewed by a Doctor

Are you familiar with the work of Dr. Majid Ali? He has written extensively about the role of oxygen as the fundamental nutrient. Its effects on mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation are a part of a larger picture. Oxygen regulates many more processes than mitochondrial energy production, including via its surrogates: hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide, superoxide, and hydroxyl radical. See one of his many books, Oxygen and Aging. He has written several books on cancer where he has described some successes,particularly prostate cancer and chronic lymphatic leukemia based on application of his theories. He has an ecologic view of health. The bowel is often the unsuspected source of problems elsewhere in the body when it becomes the site of excessive fermentation by yeasts and anaerobes. This process can be rigorously identified by excessive amounts of specific fermentation products in the 24 hour urine.Also one may find elevated Krebs cycle intermediates, such as succinate, pointing to interference with the Krebs cycle. Also the coherent changes in the blood, including coagulation abnormalities, injury to the red blood cells, dysfunction of the white blood cells, and the presence of large numbers of yeasts can be readily seen with darkfield and phase contrast microscopy.The net effect of these abnormalities is to block and divert metabolic processes and create acidosis. Various diseases result from this situation, including not only cancer but injury to the arterial walls.

You might want to look at his books on the idea of a kaleidoscopic entity. But of greatest importance I think would be volume 1 of his twelve part series of books on Integrative medicine. It is entitled: Nature’s Preoccupation with Complementarity and Contrariety, in effect a treatise on scientific method in medicine. . In this book he develops the idea of a kaleidoscopic entity, a web of webs. He stresses reliance on one modality of treatment particularly with drugs, has effects throughout the web of webs. The long term effects are usually not suspected until they occur. The body is regulated through checks and balances in many levels. Bench marking doesn’t work with biological systems, or for that matter in automotive engineering.

I think again that you are onto something very important. It could be unfortunate if in an attempt to answer real or imagined critics you focused down on a single application of your discoveries and those of Warburg. There is enormous peer pressure to defer to the medical drug company’s culture whose gold standard is the double blind study of a single modality.

Best wishes,

Ernie Schapiro, M.D

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