Books on Natural Remedies for Cancer Control by Majid Ali, M.D.

Majid Ali, M.D.

control.Cancer Book – Volume 1 KINDLE > BOOK: 
Cancer Book – Volume 1 IPAD/NOOK > BOOK: 
Volume 1 of Dr. Ali’s two volume cancer book series. 
In patient advocacy, a physician’s first commitment must be to the truth, the second to hope. Sadly, I found that not to be true in oncology literature or in the writings of the so-called holistic doctors who claim to cure cancer. 

I found the realities of cancer in my patients who overcame their cancers, who live with cancer, and in those who died with cancer—angry and frightened initially, often in despair later, nearly always with awe-inspiring courage close to the end.

Cancer Book – Volume 2 IPAD/NOOK > BOOK: 
Cancer Book – Volume 2 KINDLE > BOOK: 
Cancer Book – Volume 2 – PDF > BOOK: 
About this item:
Chapters in theses works include:
1. Restoring Bowel Health
2. Restoring Liver Health
3. Restoring Blood Health
4. Alkalizing therapies
5. Enzyme therapies
6. Oxygen therapies
7. Limbic breathing
8. Sleep
9. Spice Medicine and much more

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