Recovering Early From Viral Infections During Epidemics

Majid Ali, M.D.

To recover from a viral infection in five to seven days is to give the immune system a work out. After a week or so, the active viral infections are complicated by bacterial infections and require antibiotic treatment. For early recovering from viral infections, I ask my patients to focus on:

1.  To use natural direct and indirect oxygen therapies to reduce cellular fermentation and inflammation associated with co-existing chronic illnesses.

medical conditions.

2.  Use of natural measures to deal with pre-existing acute and chronic viral infections

3.  To be aware of sources of inexpensive antiviral nondrug therapies described in the two the following two articles on this websiteL

1. Treatment of Acute Viral Infections

2. Treatment of Chronic Viral Infections

Nature’s ultimate weapon to stop viruses to prevent total destruction of other life forms is oxygen. Below are my seven preferred natural anti-viral remedies that work by their oxygen-restoring (oxystatic) clinical benefits. Simply recognizing the anti-oxidant roles of spices and herbs included among them is telling only part of the story. The real story here is oxygen. Some other stories, such as peroxide foot soaks, are clearly direct oxygen therapies.

  1. Overhydration in some hours of the day
  2. Dr. Ali’s Gut Fermentation Control Food Guidelines (a six-week trial of  sugar-free,    dairy-free, and gluten-free diet)

             3    Dr. Ali’s Spicey Protein-Vegetable Breakfast Shake

              4. Dr. Ali’s Spicey Omelettes

              5. Dr. Ali’s Spicy Whole Milk Yogurt Breakfast

             6. Dr. Ali’s Castor / Sesame Oil Rubs

             7Dr. Ali’s Peroxide Soaks

8Dr. Ali’s Turmeric-Vitamin C Protocol

I describe details of the above protocols in articles devoted to eac therapy. For individuals who prefer information in a formal seminar format, I offer a series of video seminars (35 to 45 minutes long) which can be download from http://www.AliAcademy.Org. I especially suggest “Dr. Ali’s Course on Healing,” a self-learning program based on eight seminars.

Dr. Ali’s Start-Low-Build-Slow Principle

I recommend that when beginning natural remedies, please start low and build slow. For example, start with 1/3 of the amounts given above and increase them to 2/3 on the second day, and the full suggested amounts on the third. Amounts of ingredients can be increased during flare-ups and viral infections.

Nondrug treatment protocols fully described in my book entitled “The Rooster, Bird Flu and Imperial Medicine of the New Empire.”

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