Delayed Diabetes Diagnosis – Problems and the Solution

Majid Ali, M.D.

Delay in the diabetes diagnosis with serious consequences has been widely recognized. From a diligent analysis of my personal series of 3-hour 750 insulin and glucose profiles I conclude that the reason for this is inability of doctors to clearly recognize the inappropriateness of all prevailing diagnostic criteria of diabetes. in use. Specifically, these criteria include the following:

1. Fasting blood sugar

2. Two-hours postprandial above 140

3.  Blood A1c levels of over 5.8%

4.  Increased urinary albumin protein level

5.  Clinical features of diabetes

All of the above have been found to be unsatisfactory and this has been the subject of editorial lamenting in prestigious journals worldwide for decades. It should not be puzzling why the obvious solution to this problem has been neglected worldwide. The real and reliable solution to the problem of delayed diabetes diagnosis is 3-hour insulin profiling after a standard 75 gram glucose load. The recognition of insulin toxicity by this test leads to the diagnosis of prediabetes for years, often for decades, which can then be reversed and diabetes prevented. There are, of course, no drugs that control insulin toxicity, hence the suppression of insulin knowledge and intelligence by those who profit from “insulin ignorance.”

At this web site, I present a large number of insulin and glucose profiles to support my position and document the inappropriateness of the diagnostic criteria for diabetes in current use.

For an in-depth discussion of these subjects, I refer the readers to my book entitled “Dr. Ali’s Protocol for Reversing Diabetes” available at


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