Magnetic Microbes – Past and Present Evolution


Humans Like Microbes Are Electomagnetic Beings

Majid Ali, M.D.

Magnetobiology has had no currency in the prevailing medical models except when it is used in scanning technology. The use of magnetic energy for promoting healing has been derided ever since Franz Anton Mesmer falsely claimed to have cured many diseases with is ‘magnetized’ tree in the eighteenth century. Much progress has been made in magnetic therapies since then. Doctors’ neglect of benefits of magnet therapies is regrettable, especially for many chronic disorders, especially in chronic pain states, including headache, arthralgia, arthritis, and  myalgia (muscle pain).and pain of muscle and bone. One can only hope this will change with wider knowledge of the most impressive scientific advances in the field of magnetobiology. For example, early studies suggested that migrating animals use geomagnetic cues for navigation. They were dismissed due to the issue of variability. It is now clear that many microorganisms and animals use a magnetic compass for part of their orientation (see related article entitled Robins Lost in Flight.

For readers interested in this subject, below are some photographs of microbial magnetized materials reproduced from Nature magazine of 15 May 2014.

Magnetic Microbes
a: Magnetic bacteria; b: Magnetic mollusc;
C: magnetosomes (bacterial); d: magnetite microbial rods

Biological 'magnetomonsters'.


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