I Predict Autism Epidemics in China and India


                                                                    Majid Ali, M.D.  

                                                         Toxic Womb State Series


I predict an epidemic of autism in China within the next ten to fifteen years. I also predict an autism epidemic of autism in India of a lesser magnitude. Autism is essentially rooted in the Toxic Womb State, a condition which I described some years ago. I base my predictions about autism on the following: (1) the NASA Earth Observatory found concentrations of fine particulate matter in ambient air in the Chinese City Harbin which are about thirty times higher than the U.S. EPA standards; and (2) a study published online in the journal Nature in early November 2013 reported clear evidence that the conditions of the mother’s womb are related to subsequent development of autism. Specifically, the use of eye-tracking technology revealed that two to six-month old babies who looked less at people’s eyes than other babies developed autism at age 3 more often.
My predictions about autism predictions in China and India are based on the scientific evidence which I marshaled to define the Toxic Womb State. Those who have read about my written predictions about health-disease subject know that all my previous predictions came true, including those in my book September Eleven, 2005, a book of predictions written in a fictionalized past tense and published in early 2002. Anyone can read that book and see that all my predictions came true.

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