Trio of Climatic Tipping Points – Self-sustaining, Self-expanding, Self-explosive

                            Standing Right, If Alone

                                                    Majid Ali, M.D.

Following are the three mega climatic chaos tipping points:

1. Arctic meltdown

2. Methane release

3 Oceanic acidification

Climate chaos is self-sustaining, self-expanding, and self-explosive. In scientific language that is called exponential. What can governments of different countries do to stem these trends is not known. What will they actually do is anybody’s guess.

What can individuals do? Answer:do ” personal ethics.” They they can take little steps to conserve. What will that do to stem the tide of climatic chaos? Not known again. Could that grow into a global movement of awareness? Drops of efforts that might coalesce to form stormy run-offs? To rivers of little waves of action? And rivers come together to oceans? Is that playing Little Chicken? Possibly. Even probably. But that would be the display of personal ethics which holds the only real possibility of hope of making a difference, no matter how tiny and how inconsequential.

Stand where you think you are right, no matter if alone. So went one father’s advice to his child.

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