Diabetes Reversal – Case Study One – Diabetes Reversal With Insulin Intelligence

Majid Ali, M.D.

I dedicate this article to Carol, the wife of my patient who completely reversed his diabetes Type 2. I asked him,

“What helped you most in reversing your diabetes?”

“Understanding insulin. That was the best thing you did for me. You helped me understand relationships of food with insulin,” he replied.

“What did she have to do with it?” I asked pointing to his wife.

“Everything! Everything!” he replied.

Diabetes Is Not A Sugar Problem

Diabetes is not a sugar problem. Diabetes can neither be prevented nor reversed by focusing on blood glucose (sugar) levels. To reverse diabetes, we need “Insulin Intelligence,”which requires the study of the subject with healing literacy, not with disease literacy or drug literacy. Please study Table 3 for the insulin and glucose profiles of the man who reversed diabetes by making his insulin work. Closely examine his falling insulin level accompanied by his falling blood glucose levels with passing months. But first for comparison study, I offer two ideal insulin profiles presented in Tables 1 and 2. Table 1. Ideal Insulin Profile (Peak Value, 18 uIU/mL) of a 60-yr-old 5′ 7″ Male Film-maker weighing 147 lbs. Without Health Problems and Interested in Healthfl Aging. His Three “Secrets to Health” Are: Beautiful Thoughts, Diet, and Exercise.”

Table 1. Ideal Insulin Profile (Peak Value, 18 uIU/mL) of a 60-yr-old 5′ 7″ Male Film-maker weighing 147 lbs. Without Health Problems and Interested in Healthfl Aging. His Three “Secrets to Health” Are: Beautiful Thoughts, Diet, and Exercise.”
6.8.2013 Fasting 1/2 Hr 1 Hr 2 Hr 3 Hr
Insulin <2 18 14 4 <2
Glucose 77 168 109 74 52
Table 2. Ideal Insulin Profile of a 51-year-old 5’2″ Woman Weighing 120 lbs. She Consulted Me for Hypothyroidism and Allergy.
Fasting ½ Hr 1 Hr 2 Hr 3 Hr 4 Hr
Insulin 3.2 11.8 2.4 1.9 1.5
Glucose 85 110 75 70 52 91
Table 3. 54 yr-old 5′ 11″ Man weighing 265 lbs. Presenting With BP (185/120 down to 120/80 with Breathing, Allergy, Steatosis, Hepatomegaly, BPH, A1c 5.1% on 4.5.2013
2. 2.2013 Fasting ½ Hr 1 hr 2 Hr 3 Hr
Insulin 24.3 52.1 69.1 119 38.4
Glucose 106 165 193 205 80
April 4, 2013 Post Dr. Ali’s Breakfast
Insulin 6.9 14.9
Glucose 70 146
August 30, 2013 Weight constant at 196
Insulin 2.96 31.2 20 14.8
Glucose 70 146 148 138

What Is Insulin Intelligence?

I introduce term Insulin Intelligence for a clear working understanding of molecular biology of insulin which is necessary for preventing and reversing diabetes of all types. Specifically, it includes a deep knowledge of energetic, metabolic, signaling and other functions of insulin. To foster Insulin Intelligence, I include in this article brief outlines of Oxygen Model of Insulin Toxicity and The Crank-Crank-Shaft Model of Insulin Dysfunction. Before that, below in the simplest possible words, I offer the core of my dietary guidelines for normalizing insulin homeostasis. 1. Insulin in excess (insulin toxicity) is fattening and inflaming. 2. Healthy fats are insulin-friendly. 3. Healthy proteins are insulin-friendly. 4. All breads, pastas, fruits and fruit juices, and sugars are insulin-unfriendly. 5. Vegetables are insulin-friendly.

Oxygen Model of Insulin Toxicity

I proposed my Oxygen Model of Insulin Toxicity as a unifying model that recognizes disturbances of oxygen functions as the fundamental commonality of all elements that cause dysfunctional insulin signaling, hyperinsulinism (excess insulin), insulin resistance (inability of the insulin receptor to respond to insulin), and the biochemical and clinical consequences of insulin dysfunction. Models in science are proposed to: (1) offer workable simplicity to reduce complexities of natural phenomena; (2) to explain such phenomena; (3) to predict natural phenomena hitherto unrecognized. These models are tested, validated, or refuted with ongoing scientific observation. In clinical medicine, I add a fourth criterion for a model’s validity: it must facilitate health and healing. How does my Oxygen Model of Insulin Toxicity stand up to these criteria? I leave that to the readers’ faculty of considering the evidence which I present in a large series of my articles on http/:VUIM.org and in my insulin channels on my YouTube Science, Health, and Healing Encyclopedia.

The Crank-Crank-Shaft Model of Insulin Dysfunction

In my book entitled “Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes,” I illustrated the insulin/insulin receptor dysfunction with a crank/crank-shaft analogy. Below is some text from that book (available at http://www.majidali.com). The cell membranes become resistant to insulin when they become chemicalized—plasticized, so to speak—and hardened, immobilizing the insulin receptors embedded in the membranes. The insulin receptor is a protein that criss-crosses the cell membrane like a cord. One of the consequences of grease buildup on cell membranes is that insulin receptor becomes turned and twisted, literally and figuratively. In a previous paper, I offered the analogy of a crank and a crank-shaft to explain insulin resistance. I visualize insulin as a crank—a device that transmits rotary motion—and the insulin receptor protein as a crank-shaft embedded in the cell membrane.receptor protein as a crank-shaft embedded in the cell membranes.

Insulin Signaling

Insulin serves myriad metabolic, vascular, and signaling roles, including:

– Facilitation of the entry of glucose in cells;

– The breakdown of glucose to produce energy in cells;

– Storage of glucose in the liver; ☞ Conversion of glucose into fatty acids;

– Activation of specific enzymes involved with protein metabolism; and

– Changes in vascular reactivity (compliance).

Learning Materials for Insulin Intelligence

I suggest you continue your study of insulin with my three seminars on the subject included in my Insulin Toxicity Course and my Book entitled “Diabetes Reversal With Insulin Literacy,” which can be downloaded now:

7 Extended Videos (over 5 hour) and Dr. Ali’s Book



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