China’s Dark, Dark Underbelly – A Biology Experiment With Predictable Grave Consequences

Majid Ali, M.D.

Today is September 19, 2014. The Chinese technology titan, Alibaba, set a new record, at Wall Street, New York, at its initial public stock offering. The company raised $21.8 billion in just one day, raising its valuation from $168 billion to $180.5 billion. Great news!

Today, China also set a new record with a British drug behemoth, Glaxo. It got the company to admit without qualification that it had bribed Chinese hospitals and doctors to push drug on the Chinese people. Great news!

So then why the talk about dark, dark side of China? Consider the following China stats:

* 54 % have high blood pressure

* Over 50% have diabetes or prediabetes

* Stroke is the number one cause of death in China

* The incidence of inflammatory-immune disorders is leapfrogging.

* Large regions of China are among the most polluted parts of our planet.

* China is the most populous country in the world.

China: A Biology Experiment With Predictable Grave Consequences

Nature’s order of energy economy of humans does not recognize our ideas of philosophy, politics, societal mores, or activism. Nature does not tolerate fools well, nor does it have any demonstrable obligation to the survival of its habitats.

So, I predict that the Chinese people will be among the most fermenting and inflamed people with rising incidence of diverse environmental, nutritional, degenerative, and neoplastic disorders (cancer) for decades to come.

Will my predictions be proven wrong? I hope so. However I point out hat human evolutionary imperatives are on my side in this matter.

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