What Is Cancer? Introduction to Dr. Ali’s Course on Cancer


Dr. Ali’s Course on Cancer


Majid Ali, M.D.

Cancer is a community of deranged cells with dysfunctional oxygen metabolism. It grows and spreads by robbing normal cells of their oxygen. All abnormalities of protein, enzyme, hormone, and gene functions seen in cancer occur due to the primary oxygen dysfunction of cancer cells. Cancer cells produce large amounts of toxic acids, clot proteins in all types of body fluids they come in contact with, devitalize noncancerous cells in their vicinity, multiply to form tumors, and spread to distant tissues as metastases.

The three primary characteristics of cancer cells, by which they flourish and destroy normal, cells are:

  • 1. Oxidosis (too much oxidative stress);
  • 2. Acidosis (too much acidity); and
  • 3. Dysox (dysoxygenosis, dysfunctional              oxygen    metabolism).

I call oxidosis, acidosis, and dysox the three furies of cancer — after the three furies of Greek mythology known for their random and relentless destruction of everything in their way. It is crucially important to recognize that cancer cells execute all their evil designs through those three furies (mechanisms).

How Does Cancer Begin?

Cancer begins when abnormal oxygen conditions develop within the cells as well as in the cellular microenvironment. Sometime ago, I introduced the term oxyecology of cancer for all interactions among cancer cells and non-cancerous cells in their vicinity. This view of the beginning of cancer is at variance with the prevailing notions of cancer being a genetic disease. I explain my view in the chapter entitled “The Dysox Model of Cancer.” Here, I briefly state the state what cancers do:

  • They inactivate or impede energy and detox enzymes in healthy cells, as well as prevent the recovery of damaged enzymes in cancer cells;
  • They interfere with the functions of hormones, signaling molecules, and mediators of healing responses in cells and tissues; and
  • They alter the expressions of pre-genes, genes, and epigenes (see below for description).

All of the above changes, in turn, disrupt cellular energetics and deepen the problem of altered oxygen conditions. This sets up the vicious cycle of less functional oxygen and more enzyme malfunctions, incremental genetic defects, and worsening cellular energetics.

Equally important, altered oxygen conditions impair or block the body’s mechanisms for correcting those enzyme and genetic defects. As a result, all healing enzymatic and genetic pathways are blocked, and cancer continues to feed upon its own deranged oxygen metabolism. Thus, in my view, cancer is caused and perpetuated by abnormal conditions of oxygen. I will return to this subject in later chapters of this volume.

Pre-Genes and Epi-genes

Pre-gene is my term for segments of DNA that bind to triggering molecules before genes are activated. Epigene is my term for substances that govern the structure and function of genes. For additional information on how pro-genes and epi-genes regulate the behavior of genes, I refer professional readers to my article entitled “The Cancerization/De-cancerization Dynamics of the Dysox Model of Cancer” published in Townsend Letter and included at this site.

Tumor biology, diagnosis of cancer, treatment options, special nutritional and detox needs of individuals with cancer, and ethical-spiritual dimensions of a journey with cancer are vast subject. I discuss these subjects in my two-volume book entitled “Oxygen, the Crab, and Cancer,” and invite the readers to consider these volumes.













Dr. Ali’s Course on Cancer

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