A Calorie Is A Calorie – No, It’s Insulin Toxicity, Stupid!

                                                    Something Stupid Series
                                                              Majid Ali, M.D.

“I think the focus on particular nutrients doesn’t tell you the true story,” she said. “It really is about overall calorie consumption and reduced physical activity.”                  

                                                                                            The New York Times on May 9, 2014

The person quoted by the Times above is Marianne Smith Edge of the International Food Information Council.

Now consider another quote from the article in the Times: “[if] we’re just talking about body weight and obesity, the evidence seems to point in the direction that calories are calories.”

The person quoted by the Times above is Y. Claire Wang of the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University,

A Calorie Is a Calorie Is a Calorie

I have heard the above words hundreds of times, always from the mouths of doctors who considered nutritional medicine a hoax and openly admitted they have never tried any nutritional therapies to reverse any chronic disease. The medical journalists of The New York Times take their cues from such doctors. Needless to point out they have no expertise of their own in this matter. Why do they always seek the opinions of doctors who are opposed to nutritional medicine in the first place? They never reveal.

The Times story also includes opinions from some celebrated medical professors. None of them was reported to have mentioned insulin.

It is Insulin, Stupid!

Insulin stores fat in fatty tissues. This is what I was taught in 1958 in my first year medical physiology class. It is hard to imagine if any medical student will question this insulin effect after reading the chapter on insulin in his medical textbook. Even a cursory reading of the metabolic functions of insulin will convince any medical student. So why do the so-called health authorities not know this? They do not reveal.

Obesity Is Insulin Toxicity

I have carefully studied over nine hundred 3-hour insulin and glucose profiles. From that study I conclude that obesity is insulin toxicity. Uncommon exceptions to this rule are adrenal gland tumors and genetic entities. Insulin toxicity, I might add, results from toxicities of foods, environment, and thought.

The subject of insulin toxicity is vast and I devote a free course to it at http://www.drali.org. For a deeper study of the subject, I refer readers to my book entitled “Preventing and Reversing Obesity and Diabetes With Insulin Intelligence.

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