Will China Defeat Obesity? No. It Is Chemicals, Stupid! – A Something Stupid Series Article

                                                                       Majid Ali, M.D.

On Sept. 2, 2014, The New York Times ran an op-ed piece entitled “Will China Defeat Obesity?” My answer: No, it will not. The rise in the rates of excess weight and obesity in China is primarily caused by explosive environmental chemicalization in China, for which the Chinese do not have any ready answers.

The Times article did not once bring up the matter of bowel-blood-liver toxicity which is the primary cause of obesity. That, of course, did not surprise me. Obesity is caused by insulin toxicity except in rare cases. The Times never referred to insulin in this article either. That did not surprise me.

The newspaper for decades has diligently protected polluters of the bowel-blood-liver trio of ecosystems of Americans. It publishes a constant stream of articles decrying the use of nutrients and natural remedies used by nutritionists and physician-nutritionist like me. The Times’ pseudoscience articles about nutrition were written by doctors who never tried to reverse chronic diseases with nutritional approaches and were largely funded by drug companies.

The following three facts support my position when we take a broader view of the Chinese problem (and bring out the irrelevance of the Times’ article):

1. A November 2013 article in the Journal of American Association revealed that half of over 90,000 Chinese were found to be insulin-toxic (had prediabetes or diabetes) in one large screening program.
2. In China, the combined obesity-overweight rate is hovering at under 30 percent.
3. The inter-relationships of insulin toxicity, obesity, and the the bowel-blood-liver trio of ecosystems are highly complex and require a serious study of cellular bioenergetics (which is clearly beyond the reach of writers of the Times.)

For readers interested in a serious study of the subject, I suggest my free Insulin Course at http://www.drali1.org  

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