Seeing the Heart, Knowing the Heart


Majid Ali, M.D.




In caring for my patients, I see the heart in three dimensions, for preservation of the heart health , prevention of heart disease, and reversal of chronic disease.

Spiritual Dimension

How the soul and the spirit nurtures the heart and keeps it open and blooming.

Enterohepatic Oxygen Dimension

How the health of the bowel and liver supports oxygen’s energetic, developmental, detox, and detergent functions

Endo Integrity Dimension

How the inner lining cells of blood vessels called endothelium (endo for short) maintains the heart’s health and plugs any leaks in it rapidly.

The first spiritual dimension concerns—through dissolution of anger and hostility—the preservation and restoration of the functions of the autonomic nervous system, which regulates the heart rate, rythm, and strength, as well as maintains normal blood pressure. Autonomic dysregulation, in my view, is the single most important aspect of coronary artery disease (CAD). The second enterohepatic oxygen homeostasis dimension concerns the restoration of the health of the circulating blood. In companion tutorials, I show how the integrity of the bowel and liver ecosystems is crucial to oxygen homeostasis and the health of the circulating blood. The third endo integrity dimension concerns the restoration of the endothelial structure and function, with subsequent normalization of the structural and functional aspects of subendothelial stroma and muscularis.

Evidently, seeing the heart in light of the sun-soil model is radically different from the way it is discerned in the prevailing pharmacologic blockade and interventional cardiology modes. An effective program for physical fitness and optimal choices in the kitchen are critical for success in prevention and reversal of coronary artery disease. Those issues cannot be separated from the three dynamics of seeing the heart identified above. In the United States today, blocker drugs, stents, and bypass procedures are promoted as the primary therapies for coronary artery disease. With rare exceptions, only lip service is paid to the need for protecting the heart from the baneful effects of anger, oxidized and denatured foods, and physical inactivity. The true strength of the sun-soil model is that it clearly and unequivocally shows the serious error of accepting blocker drugs and coronary stents/bypasses as the primary treatment options. Needless to say, neither blocker drugs nor revascularization procedures address any of the true underlying causes of coronary artery disease.

The three essentials of seeing the heart, seen in light of the Sun-Soil Model of Heart Disease described in a companion tutorial, offer workable simplicities for individuals as well as their practitioners. They are also as relevant to the management of hypertension and its sequelae, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, and other chronic acquired disorders of the heart as they are to coronary artery disease. Some of my statement in this and other tutorials in this course may seem too simplistic or too sweeping to be of practical value. However, the validity of my statements will be borne out by the detailed information about molecular energetics of those disorders presented in the various tutorials in this course on cardiovascular health

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