The Oxygen Model of Insulin Toxicity

                                                                                  Majid Ali, M.D.

I proposed my Oxygen Model of Insulin Toxicity as a unifying model that recognizes disturbances of oxygen functions as the fundamental commonality of all elements that cause dysfunctional insulin signaling, hyperinsulinism (excess insulin), insulin resistance (inability of the insulin receptor to respond to insulin), and the biochemical and clinical consequences of insulin dysfunction.

Models in science are proposed to: (1) offer workable simplicity to reduce complexities of natural phenomena; (2) to explain such phenomena; (3) to predict natural phenomena hitherto unrecognized. These models are tested, validated, or refuted with ongoing scientific observation. In clinical medicine, I add a fourth criterion for a model’s validity: it must facilitate health and healing.

How does my Oxygen Model of Insulin Toxicity stand up to these criteria? I leave that to the readers’ faculty of considering the evidence which I present in a large series of my articles on http/ and in my insulin channels on my YouTube Science, Health, and Healing Encyclopedia

The 3 GM Schema of Insulin Toxicity

in my book “Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes,” I presented the following 3-M schema of the development of insulin toxicity. In this schema deranged insulin signaling develops as a consequence of the negative effects of:

Greased cell membranes;

Gummed matrix (the cement substance that holds cells together);

Gutted mitochondria (“mitos”, for short) that produce energy in cells.

The grease buildup affects all major elements in tissues and literally chokes them, impeding or disabling all oxygen-governed facets of cellular life. In essence, the 3M changes degrade cellular metabolism from high-efficiency human to low-efficiency fermentative modeCthe human cells are “yeastized,” so to speak.

Are There Any Detergents in the Body?

Yes. Evolution could not have not developed any detergents to remove cellular grease produced during cellular life. Nature created efficient systems to remove cellular grease.

I recognize five layers of detergent systems in the body:

  1. Oxygen (the primal detergent);
  2. Oxygen-derived simple free radicals (oxyradicals), such as hydrogen peroxide, singlet oxygen, and nitric oxide;
  3. Oxygen-derived complex oxyradicals, such as sulfur-based and iron-based radicals;
  4. Oxygen-activated enzymes and oxygenases and peptidases; and
  5. Oxygen-activated grease-eating cells, such as phagocytic cells.


My Oxygen Models of Insulin Toxicity, as well as my Oxygen Models of Diabetes, are based on my “Oxygen Eureka Moment” described briefly on my YouTube video encyclopedia. I discuss these subjects at length in Darwin, Dysox, and Disease Triology (2008), the 10th, 11th, and 12th volumes of my text book entitled The principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine.

Suggested Reading: Oxygen, Darwin’s Drones, and Diabetes – Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes

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